17/03/2018 - 14/04/2018

Victor Hertsenok (1934–2017) was a renowned Ukrainian painter and graphic artist. Bereznitsky Private Space present etchings and watercolors by the artist created in different techniques such as aquatint, dry needle and others.

Hertsenok created his first famous graphic series in the 1950s – it explored the topic of the

industrial giant «Zaporizhstal» (a leading steel enterprise). During the same years, he created series of sketches of Dnipro Hydroelectric Station. In his artworks Hertsenok was aim to introduce the power and beauty of Ukrainian industrial landscapes and working-class people.


19/01/2018 - 30/02/2018

Vladislav Mamsikov is one of the greatest representatives of 1970s Ukrainian art. In his new series "The old Podil" (2018) artist captures the fragile images of the old Podil neighborhood in downtown Kyiv. Painter fixes houses and streets of the old city with special tenderness, combining multi-layered memories and experiences collected over years of his life in Kyiv. How many stories have seen these streets, and how many more will everything happen on them? Mamsikov deliberately ignores these questions, demonstrating the silent course of life, regardless of our presence.

Vladislav Mamsikov preserved his aesthetic ideology generations, but also harmoniously actualized it in rapidly changing conditions of modern history. New works by the artist – are a combination of old and new techniques, and the way to consciously simplify the expression. As never before lighting and color are important for the master. The place of gaps and understatements occupies a dense radiance of the daytime light, and the movement of the brush on the canvas consonant rising up the flow of heated air.

Vladislav Mamsikov art – one of the greatest examples of the integrity and independence from the temporary conjuncture. Freedom and subtle aesthetics, as well as the author's wide erudition associated with rethinking European art of the last third of the XX century and beginning of XXI, put his art on a par with the bright phenomena in world art process.


07/01/2018 - 31/01/2018

The Last Crimean Sketchbook series by Elmira Shemsedinova documents etudes which the artist has made during her last trip to the peninsula in 2015. Having returned in Kyiv, the artist transfers watercolor etudes to a canvas. Leaning on traditional technicians, the artist creates modern works. Her large-format paintings looks as a watercolor sketches on paper. Not only technical finds considerably distinguish the last Shemsedinova project. The series equally reflects her feelings and documentary memory of the Crimea. The fact that it seemed insignificant, daily, imperceptible earlier, has suddenly found weight for the artist, became important. Fragile momentary experiences recorded in watercolor sketches from life, are transformed in the monumental images.

Elmira Shemsedinova's creative approach is consonant with Alina Yakubenko's acrylic works. They are also a kind of document of individual memory. Alina worked on the album daily, recording her visual experiences. This fixation of the local landscape, time conditions of the day, events on Biryuchiy Island. Her work on the sea, on the plein air, about people, about nature. Biryuchy is almost identical to the Crimea. It is the resort area on the Sea of Azov. Part islands are allocated under the reserve, along other territory of a braid settle down the recreation facilities which have grown on the basis of the Soviet sanatoria. Biryuchy and the Crimea divides only several kilometers by sea. Is much similar, but there are also distinctions. 

Both artists work with nature, both create the document, leaving from cartographical accuracy and expressing individual mythological top wasps. But everyone, at the same time offers the option, using the technical course, the palette, expressing the character.


30/05/2017 - 12/07/2017

The idea for a series of paintings was born by their interest in French and Italian cinematography of 1960s-1980s, in the New Wave, detectives starring Alain Delon, Bourvil, Yves Montand,  and Gérard Depardieu others.


These film have a unique atmosphere shaped by a detective story at the core, the profound psychology of different representatives of the criminal world, existential fatality in the face of the doom, a strict gloomy mood and the immence of a tragic final. All of the above inspired ideas that in a while gained the shape in a series of paintings. As the basis and inspiration for the series, the artists used the concept of a freeze frame cinematography with black stripes framing the shot above and below. Such visual restriction is a constant reminder about and emphasis on the fatal events unfolding in the film. 

The flower illustrate the fantasy of a viewer best. They move pursuant to their natural impulses, the grow as they wish, without any pretence, and acquire various fantastic forms. In such a way, the artists wanted to emphasise that a fertile basis is a prerequisite for the sprouts of everything new. The great New Wave cinematic masterpieces renowned around the world are a good example. Their roots go back to the ages-old and rich visual tradition and culture of France and Italy. 


13/01/2017 - 03/02/2017

The new project of Julia Beliaeva “BE YOURSELFie” is presented at Bereznitsky Private Space, a new private venue in Kyiv. The object aims to have a new look at the selfie phenomenon in contemporary culture through digital art, video art and interactive installations. 


Julia Beliaeva is an outstanding young Ukrainian artist who is already respected in art Kyiv. Julia got her university degree in graphic design. She works with many contemporary media: digital art, 3D art, video art, neon, photography and porcelain. The artist is based in Kyiv. As of 2017, she has already had private and contributed to group exhibitions in Ukraine, Europe and the US.


Julia Beliaeva's new project “BE YOURSELFie”, presented in a new private Kyiv venue Bereznitsky Private Space, attempts to explore the selfie phenomenon in contemporary culture through digital art, video art and interactive installation. Selfie is the way we want to see ourselves, is presents a picture of ourselves that we are ready to give to the world. But what happens with these notions and ideas in Julia Beliaeva's art?


The above approaches and questions inform the date for the opening of the exhibition – the Old New Year. It is an ancient holiday cloaked in mysteries and inextricably connected with fortunetelling. No other day could be more suitable for the opening. The exploration of contemporary art at Bereznitsky Private Space will be interwoven with the exploration of our future and who we are today.

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